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How to Troubleshoot a Power Issue

Power issues are annoying. Either your laptop shuts off suddenly because the power cord unplugged, the battery craps out after 20 minutes, or it just doesn’t turn on at all..

Like all laptop manufacturers, Apple sometimes has battery issues. Or power adapter issues or power related logic board issues. How can you tell what exactly is wrong with your laptop that either won’t run or has a chronic dead battery?

Here’s how you can troubleshoot a bad battery, bad power adapter or bad logic board and is it covered under warranty / AppleCare.
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Fixing Damaged CDs and DVDs

 Whats worse than watching a good Netflix Movie that’s getting to a really suspenseful part and suddenly the screen stops.. The beach-ball appears.. Then DVD Player quits and says the disc is scratched or unreadable. You re-insert the movie and scan to the part, only to find out you’re going to miss about 5 minutes […] Continue reading →