How to Print with an iPad

One of the iPad’s mysteries is printing. There’s no USB cable to attach to a printer. No built-in way to transfer stuff to a printer via WiFi. Not even in the iPad’s iWork suite is there a “Print” function.

If you were to use an iPad for any sort of business or educational purpose, what are you supposed to do?

Here are your iPad printing options:

Using Email:

One easy way to print a document, photo or anything else is to attach it to an email. Then, send the document to yourself or save it in a drafts folder (IMAP only).

After getting the document into your email:

– Go to your Mac / PC.
– Open up your email account.
– Open the attachment.
– Print from there.

Clunky? Yes, very. What’s the use of an iPad if you need to lug your MacBook around as a printing-companion.

Using MobileMe:

Like the email solution, using Mobile Me involves using your Mac. Simply save the document and then sync with your Mac. Once its on your Mac, print from there.

Annoying? Definitely, especially since MobileMe isn’t a free service.

Using AppStore Apps:

Fortunately, third party developers have filled the hole Apple left in their iPad printing service. Or perhaps Apple deliberately did this in order to support a third party app.. Whatever the case, there’s a few apps out there that help the printing situation.

With a Printing App, the app will open your document and either print directly to the printer, if it’s WiFi capable or networked in any way. Or, it will use the Printer Sharing service on your Mac / PC to print.

Note: There’s other printing apps out there but read the reviews. Not all of them are worth your time.

Here are some of the better iPad Printing Apps:

Print n Share by EuroSmartz Ltd.
PrintCentral for all your printing needs by EuroSmartz Ltd.
Air Sharing HD by Avatron Software.

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