Change your Audio / Video Formats with QuickTime

OS X is full of little features that are understated, yet extremely useful. Most of them are within less famous applications like Preview, Quicktime Player or Calculator. Sometimes you don’t find out about them until you stumble across them while working on something else.

I inadvertently found another one of these features the other day inside Quicktime Player…

Like it or not, there’s a zillion different file formats for Music, Movies, Text documents and Pictures. Sometimes you come across one that’s not standard like .MP3, .WAV/.AIFF, .JPG/.GIF, etc. In the past, you’d have to find a utility to convert the files from one format to another. You’d also have to hope that it was a Freeware or Open Source application. Luckily QuickTime Player will sort out your Audio / Video conversions needs, for free.

Before you begin:

On my Mac, I see the option for converting “Movie to Ogg”. I also know that Ogg Vorbis isn’t supported by QuickTime by default. This leads me to think that I can do all these cool conversions because I have some special plugins installed.

The first thing you should do, if you haven’t already is:

Download and install Perian and if you want to work with Ogg files, XiphQT.

Changing Audio / Video Formats within QuickTime Player:

– Open the file you wish to convert.

– In the Menu Bar, Click “File” and Choose “Export…”.

– The Save As: box will appear.

– At the Bottom, next to “Export:”, pick the format you’d like to convert to.

Quickly Convert Audio-Video Formats in Quicktime

– If you need, clicking “Options” will allow you to tweak advanced settings.

– Click “Save” and you’re done.

Missing Formats:

Some common formats are missing with this trick, such as .MP3 and .AAC. To easily convert them in OS X, use iTunes. So, to convert an Ogg file to .mp3, for use in an iPod or other player, use iTunes to do the conversion.

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2 thoughts on “Change your Audio / Video Formats with QuickTime

  1. I noticed the logo used for this article is for the new Quicktime player – version 10.
    Technically, the new quicktime player does not have the features you mention above – this was a feature of version 7 which has since been taken away from the program’s version 10 functionality… a real shame.

  2. @ Costa

    Thanks for letting me know, that is a shame..