Easily Convert Videos For Your iPod

Watching video on your iPod is a great way to spend a long airplane, bus, or train ride. Sometimes you can be lucky and your video will just work but with DVDs and downloaded content, you’re going to need to convert it first.

Getting video set up for iPods is actually easier than you may think. Here’s what you do:

What is iPod format?

iPod format is a set of guidelines that will fit the iPod’s smaller screen and be in a codec that the iPod can understand. Basically, it’s anything set up in H.264 or MPEG-4, formatted for a 640×480 or 320×240 screen size. Sound is usually encoded in AAC format. The file containers are .m4v, .mp4 or .mov. Technical details aside, most conversion programs have an iPod setting which sets this up for you.

Converting with Handbrake:

Handbrake is one of the best video utilities out there. It will extract DVDs, convert video and allow you to edit compression rates, screen size and audio information. In addition to iPod format, Handbrake will also convert for AppleTV, PSP, and watching on your computer.

Converting a DVD with Handbrake:

Before we begin this section, you already know that this tutorial applies only to DVDs without copy protection, and DVDs that you legally own.

1. Insert the DVD and quit DVD Player if it starts up.

2. If necessary, you may need to download VLC.

3. Select Source button toward the top.

Convert video to iPod with Handbrake

4. Select the DVD’s entry in the left hand sidebar.

5. Click Open and Handbrake will scan the DVD.

6. Under “Title”, make sure the main feature is selected – usually the longest entry.

Convert video to iPod with Handbrake

7. Set your format in the drawer to the right.

Convert video to iPod with Handbrake

8. Click Start at the top to begin the process.

Converting .FLVs to iPod format:

Most video online is in the Flash Video Format (.FLV). For this tutorial, we’ll assume you’ve already downloaded the video you want to convert and are ready to go.

1. Select Source button toward the top.

Convert video to iPod with Handbrake

2. Navigate to your downloaded .FLV, select it and press Open.

3. On the drawer to the right, select either the iPod High or Low Resolution presets.

Convert video to iPod with Handbrake

4. Name your outputted file.

5. Click Start at the top to begin the process.

Getting the Video onto your iPod:

Now that you’ve converted your video into iPod format, you’ll have to get it onto your iPod. For that, all you have to so is drop the video into your iTunes library and sync. Just remember, if your iTunes is set to copy files into the Library, (and it does by default) delete the original so it doesn’t waste space.

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