A Surprisingly Simple Way to Download Online Video

Ever watch a video on YouTube and want to keep it, for whatever reason? Ever wonder how to do this?

There are applications you can download and websites you can visit that will download online videos from YouTube, Google Video, and other places, but I find the websites are slow and the applications don’t always work.

I’ve stumbled across a way to do this and it’s so simple its surprising. Here’s what you do:

Downloading Online Video, The Easy Way:

1. Open Safari and go to the video site.

Note: There most likely is a way to get Firefox to do this trick but in the interest of being simple and easy, just use Safari.

2. Watch the video you want to save.

Note: You don’t have to watch it in entirety.

3. Open Safari’s Activity window.

Downloading Videos with Safari

4. Select the video. It will be a strange random jumble of characters but you’ll know its the video from it’s size.

Downloading Videos with Safari

5. Double click the video and Safari will download it.

6. You’ll find it in your Downloads folder as “video.flv”.

Downloading Videos with Safari

7. Rename it to something more suitable.

8. Now you can watch the video in Quicktime using Perian.

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