Sync more than one Google Calendar with your iPhone / iPod Touch

A few weeks ago I wrote an updated post on Syncing Google Calendar with your iPhone, iCal and Thunderbird. It’s easy to add multiple calendars with iCal and a little trickier with Sunbird / Lightning. However, reader Cliff has an iPod Touch and asked in the comments, “Can you tell me what to do if I have more than one Google calendar to sync?”

I researched this and it’s actually quite easy. Here’s what you do:

Syncing Multiple Calendars with the iPhone / iPod Touch:

Depending on which OS you have (3.0 or 2.2.x), the amount of calendars you can sync varies. The 3.0 OS allows you to sync up to 25 calendars while the 2.2.x OS can only sync up to 5.

The easiest way to sync multiple calendars is:

1. On your iPhone / iPod Touch, visit

2. Click Sign in and enter your Google Account username / password.

Note: If you are using Google Apps for a specific domain, Visit and click on “Google Apps User?” towards the bottom.

3. Select your device.

4. Check the checkbox next to the calendars you would like to sync and click “Save”.

5. Go to your iPhone’s Calendar app.

6. After a few seconds, it will sync and your newly added calendars will appear.

That’s all you have to do!

2 thoughts on “Sync more than one Google Calendar with your iPhone / iPod Touch

  1. Dave excellent post finally I can get it set up without using clunky Provider.
    When I originally started using Lightning I was a rookie and set up 4 separate calendars (work, uni, general etc.). Is there any way I can tie all these into my google calendar? Either by copying calendars across in Lightning or even better if I can somehow get Google Sync to read those other calendars.


  2. @Adrian

    Its actually easy to do, you’ll have to import the Lightning calendars into Google Calender. Here’s how to do it: