Get your Copy / Paste on with Multiple Clipboards

Copy and Paste is probably the one function on a computer that saves the most time. Just ask anyone who had an iPhone or iPod Touch before version 3.0 how much they’d wish it had Copy / Paste.

Now, how can Copy / Paste become even better? With multiple clipboards so you can choose what to Paste! There’s a few of these applications out there, most with a price tag. Here’s how to get this functionality for free.


The open source Jumpcut gives you access to your clipboard’s history. It works either through the menu board or a pop up. Simple and free, Jumpcut may be all you need unless you want it to handle images and multimedia.


If you need multiple clipboards that handle images and multimedia, PTHPasteboard will, in addition to handling text. If you need additional functionality such as syncing clipboards across multiple computers and pasting with filters, the commercial PTHPasteboard PRO can do this.

Additional Applications:

Sometimes you don’t need a special clipboard program to gain access to your clipboard history. If you use some of the popular productivity applications like Quicksilver, Butler, or LaunchBar, you can access this functionality already.

Enabling Clipboard History in Quicksilver:

Quicksilver users can take advantage of multiple clipboards without installing anything else. Yet another reason to love this incredible piece of software.

To turn on Quicksilver’s multiple Copy / Paste functions,
– Install the clipboard module from the Plug Ins tab in the QuickSilver Preferences.
– Choose Clipboard from the sidebar (Preferences Tab in QuickSilver Preferences)
– Check the Capture History box.
– To activate, click on “Plug-Ins” from the Quicksilver Menu Bar.
– Choose “Clipboard History” to bring up the Clipboard Menu.
– After copying, Double Click or Drag/Drop to paste.

Finally, if you’re just looking for multiple Copy / Paste clipboard within Firefox, the Clippings add-on is highly recommended.

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