Access your iTunes Library from Anywhere with PulpTunes

Streaming radio got you down? Have a huge library and iTunes and want the world to hear it? Wouldn’t it be great if you could listen to your music from your iTunes library from any anywhere? You can and it’s really easy.

The Web Server for iTunes:

The open source PulpTunes installs in less than a minute and gives you access to your iTunes library from anywhere. It’s a pretty simple, yet powerful program.

To get PulpTunes up and running locally:

1. Download and install PulpTunes.

2. When it’s running, you will see a little orange appear in the Menu Bar. Clicking on it lets you access the configuration.

3. To get your local IP, go to System Preferences and Choose Network.

4. Click on the interface you are using (Airport or Ethernet).

5. To the right, it will give you your local IP address.

6. To access your iTunes Library locally, go to: http://YOUR-IP:15000

Note: This is for listening via PulpTunes on your local network only.

To access PulpTunes through the internet:

1. Start up PulpTunes.

2. Go to and write that IP down.

Note: This IP should be the same IP that is in the Connection Instructions. If it’s not, write this one down.

3. From where you’d like to access PulpTunes, visit http://THAT-IP:15000

4. If you have a firewall / router active, you will have to open up port 15000 for this to work.

Note: Your IP addresses won’t stay the same forever. After a period of time (usually a few days) or each time you restart your Cable / DSL modem, it may be given a new IP address. Therefore, always check before accessing your PulpTunes from the internet.

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