Using Microsoft Project Files with OS X

Microsoft’s Office 2008 for Mac suite doesn’t go application for application with it’s Windows counterpart. Like Microsoft Access, Publisher, Sharepoint and Visio, one of the applications Office 2008 doesn’t include is Microsoft Project. Kind of annoying, but here’s what you can do to work with Microsoft Project files in OS X.

Projity’s OpenProj:

OpenProj is an open source project management application. Created as an open source replacement for Microsoft Project, it will open and allow you to work on existing Microsoft Project files. In addition you can create projects and save them in Microsoft Project 2003 XML format. Installation is easy and it’s a powerful program.

Download: OpenProj.


Another open source solution for project management and scheduling that’s cross platform is GanttProject. Like OpenProj, it’s a full on replacement for Microsoft Project that can import / open Project files as well as Export / Save them in either Project or CSV. One difference with GanttProject is the ability to share projects using WebDAV.

Download: GanttProject.

OmniGroup’s Omniplan:

Lastly, OmniGroup’s OmniPlan is a commercial solution with a reasonable price that will import and export Project’s .MPX and .MPP file formats. In addition, OmniPlan exports to iCal, .CSV, HTML and other OmniSuite applications such as OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle.

Download: OmniPlan.

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