Tame Your Multiple Gadgets with doubleTwist

With the ever increasing pile of iPods, PSPs, Blackberries, mobile phones, mp3 players and other gadgets, managing them becomes unruly. They all seem to have their own software, their own way of doing things and laugh at the thought of interoperability. OS X support? You’re lucky if the device will even work with your Mac. So, how to tame the mess of different devices? Using doubleTwist, I’ll show you how to handle multiple devices without breaking a sweat.

About doubleTwist:

doubleTwist was created to solve two problems with major device manufacturers.

1. Each device has it’s own software and format and aren’t interoperable.
2. The manufacturer provided software quality is disappointing.

Think of doubleTwist as a “one media player to rule them all” type of solution, being able to manage your media cross-platform and cross-device.

Supported Devices:

As of this writing, some of the major devices that doubleTwist supports are:

– Apple iPod / iPod Touch / iPhone.
– Multiple Blackberry models (including Curve, Bold, Flip, Storm and Pearl).
– Sony PSP.
– Nokia N and E series phones.
– Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 devices.

For a complete and up to date list, visit doubleTwist.com.

Using doubleTwist:

Now that we know what doubleTwist is, let’s jump in and see how it works. Since I’ve got a supported Sansa e280 and an iPod Touch, I’ll use them both as test subjects.

1. Download and install doubleTwist.

2. Create and Activate a doubleTwist account.

3. When the application opens, it looks like a stripped down version of iTunes.

Using doubleTwist

4. To add music, videos and pictures, just drag and drop them into the device.

Using doubleTwist

Perceptions of doubleTwist:

It’s pretty simple to use and due to its extensive device support, doubleTwist is worth the download. However, there’s a few minor annoyances.

Dragging a folder full of music onto a device is not permitted and the music view only shows the title, artist and track length. There’s no ability to add in other important tags like “album”. Perhaps in a future release these features will be implemented.

Personally, I won’t be using it to replace my main media player Cog but I like being able to use it with my Sansa e280 and the software has great potential.

Note: For iPhone / iPod Touch and possibly iPod users

1. To allow doubleTwist to see your iPod Touch / iPhone / iPod you must enable the “Manually manage music and videos” and “Sync only checked songs and videos” checkboxes within iTunes.

2. It seems with the release of the latest iTunes last week (, doubleTwist doesn’t see iPhones and iPod Touches even if you have the appropriate checkboxes checked. This is a known issue and the development team is working on a patch.

Unfortunately, I have the affected iTunes and couldn’t see how doubleTwist works with my iPod Touch, but I’ll assume it works similarly to the Sansa.

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