Seven Free Mac OS X WoW Alternatives

Now that everyone’s thinking about saving money and spending less, a monthly fee to play World of Warcraft looks tougher each month to spend. For those of you who had to cut back and stop playing WoW, here are seven free alternatives to keep you sane.


The PlaneShift Team‘s goal is to create an online multiplayer world where you start off as a peasant and become a great hero. The PlaneShift world is a persistent land that focuses on politics and economy, like the real world.

Download: PlaneShift


If exploring huge worlds is your thing, take a look as Deliantra. With over 4,000 maps, multiple continents and complex characters, the open gameplay gives you tons of things to do and explore. The game itself is a top-down style, and completely freeware.

Download: Deliantra


Ankama’s Dofus is a mixing of animation with gaming an creates a new kind of interactive world. While graphically detailed, the system requirements are modest and can be played on pretty much anything released in the past few years. Unfortunately, Dofus isn’t entirely free but at least you can play enough to get by with a free account which is not time limited.

Download: Dofus

Wild West Online:

Getting away from the medieval theme, in Tenderfoot Games’ Wile West Online you become a gunslinger in 19th century America. A nice mix of strategy and a shooter, Wild West Online is easy to learn yet hard to master.

Download: Wild West Online

Second Life:

Linden Lab’s Second Life is probably the second most well-known MMORG next to World of Warcraft. While it’s not medieval based, is just as addictive. Basically a virtual version of the real world, you can be anyone of do anything your heart desires. With a free account you can play the game as long as you like and do whatever you want except you can’t own land.

Download: Second Life

Minions of Mirth:

Going back to the medieval theme, Prairie Games’ Minions of Mirth can be either a single player or multiplayer game. With a massive amount of content, it will keep you busy for a while. Like many of it’s brethren, the free version lets you play for an unlimited time. To unlock higher levels and other premium content, unlike the others, Minions of Mirth is only a one time fee and not a subscription.

Download: Minions of Mirth


Jagex’s RuneScape is an easy to play, popular and fun cross-platform MMORPG. The advantage of RuneScape is that it’s entirely Java based, and is played entirely in your browser. With no client to download, you can go anywhere to play. Like so many of these games, you can play the free version as much as you like but to unlock premium content, you’ll have to pay.

Play: RuneScape

One Final Thought:

Even though the majority of these games require a payment for premium gameplay, you can easily play them happily with the free accounts. It is not required for you to pay.

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