How to Manage any iPod without iTunes

Having an iPod doesn’t mean you are locked into using iTunes to maintain it. With third party software, you can move, copy, delete and add music onto your iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch without dealing with iTunes. Which software you choose will depend on your model of iPod.


Floola is a simple freeware iPod Manager that can handle any iPod Classic, Nano or Motorola Phone that supports iTunes. Unfortunately, Floola does not support the iPhone or iPod Touch. Use Floola to Sync, Copy, manage Videos, Photos and Podcasts.


YamiPod, short for Yet another iPod Manager, is also freeware and simple to use. Like Floola, unfortunately YamiPod is for the iPod Classic or Nano and will not work with an iPod Touch or iPhone. YamiPod allows you to copy music to and from your iPod, import/export playlists, search for tracks, remove duplicates and syncronize your music.


Senuti differs from the first two applications. First, it’s not free. Second, in addition to iPod Classics and Nanos, it will work with the iPhone and iPod Touch. It also functions more as an unlocking program that allows you to transfer music on and off your iPod / iPhone / iPod Touch, rather than a replacement manager for iTunes.

Pod to Mac:

Pod to Mac is the latest application for iPod management. It’s still in beta but works pretty well. It will transfer music, photos and videos from your iPod, iPhone, and iPod Touch and it’s freeware.


Pioneers of the Inevitable’s SongBird project is an open source Music Player. More than just an iPod manager, SongBird is meant to replace iTunes for your media needs entirely. To use SongBird with an iPod, you will need to install the iPod Device Support add-on. Be sure to check your Device’s compatibility as iPod support is still in development. Unfortunately at this time, iPhones and iPod Touches are not supported.

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