The Easiest and Fastest Way to Fix Most of Your Mac’s Erratic Problems

Everyone’s computer goes a little bonkers now and then. Applications lock up, act strange or slow down to the point where it gets really annoying. OS X has it’s fair share of strange behaviors especially when waking up for sleep mode. There’s a method to fix most computer problems and believe it or not it’s so simple that everyone should do this first, whenever something goes wrong.

Reboot your computer: The magic fix

It’s really that simple.. Yet as you read this, you may think “Duh, why are you writing this?” Well, as easy, simple, and obvious as restarting your computer to solve problems is, it’s almost never done.

This “magic” fix literally solves a large amount of computer, networking, or printer related problems. Ask anyone in the IT field how often restarting the computer (or router, server, printer, cable modem, etc) fixes the problem instantly? The answer is quite often. So often that the #1 rule of troubleshooting anything in the IT field is to restart the device.

Why does this fix almost everything?

The real secret behind why rebooting a device fixes everything has to do with the software running on your Mac. Software applications and how OS X handles them are complex. They use processes, memory, and deal with user, driver, other running software, and system interaction. With millions of lines of code, how you use your Mac, and what is running on it, not every variable can be accounted for.

Major errors are easy to spot, you know something is not right if every time you double click an application and OS X immediately kernal panics. However, smaller almost inconsequential errors happen pretty often and in time they build up. They then manifest themselves in the most random (and annoying) ways.

Rebooting your Mac fixes this because the process behind the restart basically dumps everything in memory, stops everything that was running and turns the power off. When starting back up, the system boots as it always does and comes back with a fresh, clean slate. Everything that was happening before, OS X has simply forgotten about and begins anew.

How can these problems be prevented?

Most of the time, OS X runs without any issues. But no system is perfect. You can avoid these types of problems by simply shutting down your Mac when you are finished using it. It’s really that simple.

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