Watching Hulu and Netflix streams within Front Row with Understudy

Understudy is a plugin, created by Google, for Front Row. Simple yet powerful, if you are looking for a seriously easy way to watch streaming media like Hulu or Netflix, you’ve got to take a look at Understudy. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get Understudy up and running.

What Understudy does:

Understudy basically pulls video streams from Netflix and Hulu feeds into Front Row for viewing. Once installed, it is set up automatically for select feeds (like most popular and latest) but you can also import any feed from them into Understudy.

Installing and using Understudy:

Download the installer from Google Code.
– Run the installer and enter an Administrator password.
– Press Command(Apple) and the Escape key together to turn on Front Row.
– You will now see an Understudy Menu.

Since Understudy’s Netflix and Hulu presets aren’t very customized, we’ll focus on adding a custom feed. For this tutorial, we’ll add a custom feed for episodes of The Family Guy.

– Close Front Row by pressing Escape until the Finder reappears.
– Head to the show’s page on
– Under Episodes, Right-Click on the orange feed icon.
– Choose “Copy Link Location” (Firefox) to copy the feed into your clipboard.
– Open Front Row by pressing Command and Escape together.
– Choose Understudy.
– Select Manage Feeds, then select Add and then Choose “Url in Clipboard”.
– The feed will now be imported. Enjoy!

Note This only works with feeds from Hulu and Netflix. I tried to get it to work with both BBC news and CNN video feeds but it didn’t work. Perhaps in a future release…

Also, please be advised that Understudy, while stable, is still beta software. There are Known Issues, slated to be fixed in future releases.

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