7 Other Productive Uses For RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is great for news and keeping up to date on your favorite blogs and podcasts. But that’s not all you can do with an RSS feed. In addition to keeping up with blogs, here are seven great other productive uses for RSS feeds.

1. Craigslist:

Craigslist can produce a gigantic amount of listings, especially in a major city for a popular category like furniture. With an RSS feed, you can easily track all the latest listings for an entire category or a search within the category. Craigslist makes this incredible easy by publishing the feeds for you. All you need to do to subscribe is:

– Enter the category page.
– Refine your search (optional).
– Scroll to the bottom of the page.
– Right click on the RSS Button.
– Choose “Copy Link Location”.
– Enter the URL into your RSS reader of choice.

2. TV Listings:

Is your show in re-runs, off the air or is this week a new episode? With the power of RSS, you never need to pay attention to TV listings again. Just subscribe to your favorite shows via RSS and you’ll get a notification the day before a new episode airs.

– Go to mytvrss.
– Choose all your favorite shows.
– When finished, Click “Create Feed”.
– Copy this link.
– Enter the URL into your RSS reader of choice.

3. Real Estate Listings:

An RSS feed on up to date real estate listings is a great way to make searching for a new home or apartment easier. Here’s all you need to do:

– Go to www.Trulia.com.
– Create your search and customize it.
– Above the map on the right there is an RSS button.
– Click on the button.
– Click on “View RSS feed”.
– Copy this link.
– Enter the URL into your RSS reader of choice.

4. Airline Ticket Prices:

Track airline tickets via RSS and know when prices go up and down.

– Go to Kayak and click on Buzz.
– Enter your home airport.
– Click on “Lowest Price”.
– Enter your destination airport.
– Set the month for travel.
– Run the search.
– At the top of the results screen, click on “Get this by RSS”.
– Enter the URL into your RSS reader of choice.

5. Job Listings:

Searching through job listings can get tedious. Why not let an RSS feed do this for you? Not every job site has this feature, but Monster does.

– Go to Monster.com.
– Search for a job of interest.
– At the bottom of the listings, there is an RSS Feed link.
– Click on the link.
– Enter the URL into your RSS reader of choice.

Note: Monster only delivers listings from the last 24 hours into the feed.

The next section of this list requires that you publish a feed from an Email account. Here is a tutorial on how to do set up Email to RSS.

6. Shipping Notifications:

If you frequently track a large amount of packages, this is an easy way to get notifications of shipments from UPS, Fed Ex, and / or DHL.

For UPS and FedEx:

– Create a message from your Email to RSS email account.
– In the email message, enter the tracking numbers for each package (up to 25).
– Send this message to the following address:
– UPS: [email protected]
– FedEx: [email protected]

For DHL:

– Visit DHL’s Track by Email page.
– Enter the tracking numbers and email address into the form.
– Click on “Track”.

7. Ebay Saved Searches:

Saving a search on Ebay is a simple and powerful way to find rare and hard to distinguish items.

– On Ebay, search for what you are interested in.
– On the results page and at the beginning of them, click on “Save this search”.
– Adjust the emailing frequency and length of time.

Note: Because Ebay sends these emails to your primary account’s email address, I don’t recommend allowing the Email to RSS service access to this. Use My Ebay for Guests and enter in your RSS email address for the saved search.

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