How to Save Any Image off the Internet

There are tons of images all over the internet. Some of them you may want to keep. Whether it’s a preview of school pictures, a funny image on some random site, a great photo you’d like for your desktop, there’s always some wonderful image you’d like to have on your computer. While insanely easy to do, you’d be surprised how many people ask me “How do I save a picture from the internet?”.

Here are the three ways you can save any image off the internet, even a “locked” image that can’t be downloaded.

Command-Click / Right Click and choose Save Image As:

This is the basic way to save images off the internet, dating back to the beginning of the browser.

– Move the mouse over the image.
– Command-Click or Right Click.
– Choose “Save Image As…”.
– Name the image.
– Press Save.

Drag and Drop:

Drag and Drop is the quickest way to save an image and it will also get around the “locked” images where saving is disabled via javascript. I’ve used this technique many times to get around an image that opens in a pop-up and won’t let me right-click and save it.

– Move the mouse over the image.
– Click and hold.
– While holding, drag the image to the desktop.
– When the Green Plus sign appears, release the button.
– This image will automatically be downloaded to the Desktop.

Screenshot using Grab:

For the most stubborn image that’s locked from the first two techniques, just take advantage of OS X’s Grab function. Grab will let you take an instant screenshot of either the entire screen or a custom sized area.

– Position the image on the screen as large as you can.
– Press Command+Shift+3 for a shot of the entire screen.
– Press Command+Shift+4 for a custom sized area.
– If you choose the custom area, the mouse will turn to a crosshair.
– Bring the crosshair to the upper left corner of the image.
– Click, hold and drag the crosshair over the image to enlarge the area.
– When you release the button, it will save the screenshot.
– Images will be saved to the Desktop as “Picture 1.png”.

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