How to Create an RSS Feed From an Email Account

If you belong to an email list that sends a ton of emails, creating an RSS feed out of them is much easier to manage. Also, not every site is set up to serve notifications in RSS format. Instead they use email. For example, if you have to track a large amount of packages, an RSS feed would work well except UPS, FedEx and DHL use email notifications instead.

There’s many services and tutorials around that show you how to send an RSS feed to your email account but what about the opposite? It took some time, but I figured out how to do it and I will show you how to create an RSS feed out of an email account.

Creating a new Email account as the RSS source:

First you will need to create a special email account to be the source of your RSS feed. I recommend Gmail and will use it for this tutorial but you can use any POP/IMAP enabled account if you wish.

– Go to Gmail and create a new account.

– For the account name, I’d suggest using your regular account name with a “-rss” added on.

Note: It’s best to also use a different password than you normally use for this email account since a third party service will be accessing it.

– After the account is set up, click on the Settings tab at the top.

– In the General Tab (opened first by default), scroll to the bottom.

– Under “Browser connection:”, Click on “Always use https”.

– In the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab, Enable IMAP.

Set up your Email to RSS account:

Now, in order to make an RSS feed out of an email account, we need a third party’s assistance.

– Create an account at

– Add our newly created RSS email account to Mail2Feed under the My Feeds tab.

– Click on the RSS tab to get your feed URL.

Note: You will have to enter your password to view this.

– Copy the URL that appears.

– Open your favorite RSS Feed Reader and add a new feed.

– Paste the URL from Mail2Feed and subscribe.

You can also set how often will check the email account. From every 15 minutes to once per day, it’s up to you and what you are using the feed for. You can always adjust this if you need to.

Using your Email to RSS Account:

Now, instead of using your normal email address when signing up for:

– Email Lists
– Package Tracking
– Email Alerts

Use the RSS email address you created at Gmail. All the alerts and notifications will now be sent via RSS to your favorite feed reader.

2 thoughts on “How to Create an RSS Feed From an Email Account

  1. Thank you. This was VERY helpful. Now I hope it works 🙂

    In your last sentence you stated “Use the RSS email address … All the alerts and notifications will now be sent via RSS to your favorite feed reader.”

    I do not understand the benefits of that?

  2. Hi Bob,

    The alternate email address (I recommend Gmail but you can use any other service) is so that the Mail2feed service doesn’t get into your real email account.

    Good Luck!