Seven Sites For OS X Friendly Online Flash/Java Casual Gaming

Gaming is challenging for busy people. Sometimes you don’t have hours, days and weeks to pour into installing a game, playing it and getting good at it. You just want to play quickly, casually and then get back to your life. In this case, online Flash and Java based games are perfect for a quick gaming fix.

Here are ten online Flash / Java based gaming sites you can casually game to your hearts content in an OS X friendly environment.

Shockwave: is a repository full of free online games that not surprisingly run on Shockwave. While the games are free, before they load up you have to sit through a painless 10-15 second commercial. Fair enough for a fun experience. They also allow you to download full versions of some games, however they are Windows based. I’ve been recently enjoying Risk and Monopoly.


I stumbled across AddictingGames while researching this article and what intrigued me the most is their selection of different games. The games range from simple shoot-em-ups and puzzles to involved strategy games. They are fun to play and can be quite addictive. I enjoy playing Oiligarchy and Explomaniac

Good Experience – Games:

Good Experience – Games isn’t a game site. Its a gigantic list of links to different games. Their focus for this list is to find games that offer a “good experience”. Games that have a good game design and attention to quality. Most of the games on this list are free with a few exceptions. It’s worth bookmarking this link as they add new games to the list periodically.

The next half of sites on this list are Retro gaming sites. This means that they emulate classic games / systems of the past within your browser. Most of these sites run via Java so I have to recommend you visit them with Safari for a smoother experience, although I did play a few in Firefox without a problem.

Arcade Emulation:

Classic Online offers arcade games of the past. This is the place to go for your Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and Galaga fix. Its been years since I’ve played some of these games.

Commodore 64 Online:

There are quite a few online Commodore 64 emulations, one of my favorites is They have a large selection of abandonware and copyleft games that run in Java. Relive the late 80s by playing games like Commando, Ghostbusters, Spy vs. Spy, and Back to the Future.

Nintendo Entertainment System Online:

Run by the same people as the Commodore 64 site, is dedicated to online emulation of the Nintendo 8-Bit Entertainment System. With a huge selection of games, you can spend a ton of time on this site. Some of my favorites include: 10 Yard Fight, Karnov, Mega Man 2, and or course, The Super Mario Series.

The Atari Times:

When discussing retro gaming sites, the list can’t possibly be complete without including the Atari 2600. The Atari Times lets you play over 80 different games online. Using the open source JStella Atari emulation engine, you can play classics like Dig Dug, Enduro, Kaboom, Miner 2049er, RiverRaid, Yars Revenge and many more.

Enjoy the sites and if you come across any of your own favorites, do share in the comments below!

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