35 OS X Resource, Knowledge and Information Sites

The internet is a wealth of information. Of course some of this information is better than others. Apple and OS X articles, tips, tutorials and knowledge are all over the web. However, many instances of OS X information deal with legacy versions such as 10.1, Jaguar and Panther. Even the Tiger information is becoming dated and some of these sites haven’t been touched in years.

How can you find relevant information without wasting your time on old articles? The biggest help is knowing where to look. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a categorized list of thirty five Apple and OS X related web sites that are informative, useful and current.

Official Apple Sites:

Apple Store Clearance Section – Find great deals on refurbished and previous generation Macs.

Apple’s Student Discount Section – Select your school and receive discounts on Apple products.

Apple Support Manuals Page – Lost your manual? Select your Apple product and download the User’s Guide for it.

Apple Creative Pro News and Tutorials – Music, design, video, and photography articles from the creative professional community.

Apple Repair Status – Sent out your Mac for repairs? Check your repair status here.

Apple’s Find Out How – Mac basics tutorials for beginners.

Quicktime Tutorials – Apple’s official Quicktime tutorial page.

Apple Learning Interchange – Apple’s social network for educators.

Apple: IT Pro – Apple’s IT Pro page with articles for IT managers and tech professionals.

Tips / Tricks / Tutorials:

Mac OS X Hints – Advanced tips, and tricks for tweaking OS X.

Macworld’s HowTo Page – Macworld’s best tips, tricks, and How-To’s

Mac Tips Daily! Visual Guides – Step by step tutorials that accompany the Mac Tips Daily! podcast.

The Mac Observer Tips Page – Archive page for The Mac Observer’s tips and tutorials.

O’Reilly Mac Dev Center – OS X development articles from O’Reilly Media.


Lifehacker’s Featured Mac Downloads – Apps for getting things done featured on Lifehacker.com

MacApper – Daily reviews of OS X freeware.

MacUpdate – OS X software update aggregator.

Version Tracker – Another OS X software aggregator.

TUAW Software – Software articles and downloads from The Unofficial Apple Weblog(TUAW).

FreeMacWare – Reviews and recommendations of OS X only freeware.

iUseThis – User ratings and recommendations of OS X applications.

Enterprise Help:

AFP548 – Advanced articles, discussions, help and tutorials for OS X Server.

MacEnterprise – Information and resources for supporting OS X in the enterprise.

Bombich.com – Mike Bombich’s OS X deployment and management articles page.

DIY Repairs:

iFixit – Find repair guides and instructions for fixing your broken Mac here.

PowerbookMedic – Parts, repair and upgrade guides.

News and Rumors:

Apple Insider – Apple Insider news and analysis.

Macworld News – Latest Apple news from Macworld.

MacRumors – Apple news and rumors.

Digg’s Apple articles – Apple filtered articles on Digg.

Cult of Mac – Wired Magazine’s Cult of Mac blog.

One Infinite Loop – Ars Technica’s Apple centric journal.

MacNN – Apple, Macintosh and iPod news

TidBITS – Mac news for the rest of us.

Slashdot’s Apple Section – Apple news from the mighty /.

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