Forget Photoshop – How to Quickly Edit and Resize Images for Free with Preview

Sometimes all you need to do to a picture is rotate it, resize it, change the format or crop it. You don’t need a monster of an application like Photoshop for that. In fact, Apple includes all the tools you need for small tasks like this within Preview. Best of all, since Preview is included in OS X, its FREE.

For those of you who just want to quickly edit a photo or picture in Preview, let me show you how.

Cropping Images:

First lets cut out a portion of an image we don’t want in there. Professionals call this “Cropping”.

Step 1. Double click on the image and it should open automatically in Preview. If not, open it up in Preview.

Cropping with Preview

Step 2. Click on the image and drag to open up a box. This box will be the area saved after cropping.

Cropping with Preview

Step 3. Don’t worry if you didn’t do a prefect selection the first time around, you can adjust the selection area by moving the corners.
Note: If you have difficulty getting the exact area, zoom in on the area to get it perfect.

Cropping with Preview

Step 4. Crop the image by selecting Tools from the Menu Bar and choosing Crop.

Cropping with Preview

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