Seven Fun Freeware Games for OS X

Being a Mac user for so many years, I’ve gotten used to the fact that games are hard to come by on OS X. So I did some research for everyone and discovered seven freeware games that don’t suck. Here’s what I found..

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Pirates of the Caribbean is an MMORPG based upon the Disney movies. Unlike other subscription based games, you can actually play this one without paying. Graphics are good quality and the game itself is quite fun. If you are a fan of action based role-playing games you will enjoy this one. Subscribing gives you access to bonus features but is not required. You will need to register with a valid email address to download the game itself.

Battle for Wesnoth:

Battle for Wesnoth is an open-source turn based strategy game. Set in the middle ages, you lead your army of knights against the evil orcs. Or, if you prefer, lead the orcs against the foul humans.. With multiplayer support, you can either battle your friends or join a server to battle strangers. Gameplay is enjoyable – I will admit, I’ve spent a few hours playing Battle for Wesnoth.


FreeCiv is an open-source Civilization clone. A turn based strategy game where you rule and manage your people. You can build cities, wage wars, trade and advance in technology. FreeCiv also supports multiplayer games and has extensive multi-language support. If you enjoy the Civilization franchise, you will like FreeCiv as it is comparable to Civilization I and II.

The Open Racing Car Simulator:

The Open Racing Car Simulator or TORCS is a multi-platform, open source car racing game. Featuring over 40 different cars, 30 tracks, and 50 opponents with the ability to race against a friend. Unfortunately the game is not network aware, however this is planned for a future release. I’ll admit the game is difficult, especially with a mouse and keyboard, but if you are into car racing games you might like TORCS.

UFO Alien Invasion:

UFO Alien Invasion is an open source turn based strategy game combining science fiction and military scenarios. Basically you command an army, building and managing bases, and battling against the invading aliens. Honestly, out of all of these games, this one is my favorite. It supports multiplayer gaming so you can battle your friends over a LAN or the Internet.


XMoto is a surprisingly difficult 2D motorcycle game in the tradition of Excitebike. In the game, physics plays an important part of playing. This game is tough as I found the bike to be hard to control at first but gets easier as you learn to handle it. Additional levels can be downloaded via the internet.

Second Life:

The infamous Second Life, a virtual world where you can be anyone and do anything.. You may have heard about it already. Registration is free and you can play for free with limitations. This game is enjoyable but it is also potentially a gigantically addictive time sink. Proceed at your own risk with this one.

Additional Games:

These seven games are by no means the only quality freeware games out there. For additional games, be sure to visit The Open Source Gamer for an enormous list of games that are free to download and play. Unfortunately, not all of these games may be OS X compatible but a good amount of them are.

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