The Easiest Ways to Record Internet Audio in OS X

Out on the internet there’s tons of great content to listen to. Dj mixes, internet radio, special broadcasts, foreign news and programming and much more. Listen to your old college radio station. Supplement language learning by listening to foreign broadcasts. Found something great that you want to listen to again and again? Its easy to record audio off the web. I’ll show you how.

Web Broadcasting formats:
There are many different formats of web broadcasting. Some of the major audio formats are: Real Audio, Shoutcast, Icecast and Windows Media Audio. In addition to audio, Real Player, Windows Media and Adobe Flash are major video broadcasting formats.

The differenced between the formats are largely proprietary, RealAudio works with Real Player, Windows Media Audio work with Windows Media Player, Shoucast and Icecast work via .mp3 streaming. Quality of audio depends mostly on the bandwidth of the broadcast versus the format’s quality. In other words, with enough streaming bandwidth, they all sound decent.

For internet broadcasts of terrestrial (“real”) radio stations, most use either Real Audio or Windows Media. In my research, I found both to be just as common. Most of the larger stations will give you a choice of either. For broadcasts of underground or smaller stations, most use Shoutcast or Icecast.

For lists of internet radio stations, visit these sites:
Real Radio Guide

In addition, you can search through the iTunes Radio lists to find stations.

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