Apple’s Three Options to Properly Fix your Broken Mac

Computers don’t run forever, unfortunately. Even with the best of care, sometimes they need to go in for repairs. If this ever happens to you, at least know that Apple makes it easy for you with these three options:

Option One: The Apple Store
Take it to your local AppleStore, and either make an appointment or drop it off. They will handle everything. If its a quick fix, they may even repair it in-house, while you wait. If you’re really lucky, they will do some quick fixes (like a PMU/SMC reset), your computer may come back to life and you won’t even need a repair.

Option Two: The Authorized Repair Center
Like the Apple Store, this would be either a local computer store or strictly a repair center. The good news is that they need to be certified and authorized by Apple before they can order parts and attempt repairs. The bad news is that in my experience, you never know what you are going to get. Some are great and do top quality work. Others.. Well, let’s just say there are others out there.

Do research Authorized Repair Centers before setting up a repair. You’ll save both time and aggravation.

Option Three: Deal with Apple Directly
Pick up the phone and call Apple directly (1-800-APL-CARE) and set up a repair. With a laptop, they will ship you a box and you send it to them. This works best for those who either live too far from an AppleStore / repair center or just don’t have time to get down to one.

Although the initial call may take 30-40 minutes, I’ve have much success with this option. For most repairs, the box will arrive next day, and ship back to them next day. I’ve had about 90% of my sent repairs to them fixed and returned the day after they received it. Total repair time from call to return being four to five business days.

The only slowdowns occurred with a few laptops that were dropped / had damage, Apple wouldn’t cover it and they were waiting for the OK before repairing. I’d recommend checking on the repair through the Apple website to find out the status.

Of course, there’s always the do-it-yourself route. If that’s something you would rather not do, or you don’t have the ability to, then use one of the three options above. Besides, if it is a warranty issue either covered during the first year or the next two with AppleCare, you won’t void anything with these three options.

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