Secure Emails with Thunderbird, Mail and Gmail – Part 2

In part one, we looked at turning on SSL to encrypt the reading and sending of emails. This secures you from eavesdropping on your local and / or ISP network. The minute your email goes through a non secure connection, which is quite often, its not secure anymore. The way to guarantee that your private emails remain private is to encrypt the email itself.

Encrypting emails sounds like something extraordinarily difficult that only spies do. I think that once everyone sees just how easy it is to encrypt emails, it’s surprising that more people don’t.

Avoid Presentation Embarrassment – Keep your Mac Awake

You’ve probably attended one of these presentations before. The speaker is busy talking about quarterly projections, a new product or the slide currently being shown. After 2 minutes, the screen goes dark. Or worse, a slideshow of the 4 month old in the bathtub.

With presentations, there’s so many things to worry about: Did I wear the right outfit? Will I remember my speech? Am I forgetting something? What if I stutter, stumble or otherwise confuse my words?

With your concerns elsewhere, its almost inevitable that you’re going to forget one huge and potentially embarrassing detail during your presentation – Keeping your computer from going to sleep..

Moving your iTunes Library from an Old iPod to a New One

With the holidays approaching, chances are some of you may be getting new iPods, iPhones or iPod Touches. Or perhaps, you may get a new Mac and want to transfer your iTunes Library onto it. Although they make a great gift, some will struggle with getting everything off their old device and onto the new one.

A lot depends on the situation, but for the technically challenged, we’ll look at how to get your music and anything else off your old iPod (or other device) onto the new one.

Get your iCal / Sunbird / Lightning Calendar into Google Calendar

iCal, Sunbird, and Lightning are great applications but they only work locally on your computer. It’s not anyone’s fault – its just the way they were designed. Google Calendar makes for a great back-end when you want to sync calendars across multiple devices, like iCal at home, your Blackberry / iPhone, and your work computer(s).

But what do you do if you’ve been using a calendaring system like iCal or Sunbird/Lightning for years, locally, on one Mac?

Recently, a reader asked such a question on a previous article and here is how you do it.

Dealing with Microsoft Access Files and OS X

Recently, someone asked me how to use Microsoft Access files with OS X. Like Visio, Publisher, Project and to some extent, Outlook, Microsoft Office for Mac isn’t 100% the same as Office for Windows.

Since officially Access is not part of Office 2008 (or 2004), what should someone do when they need to access something in Microsoft Access with OS X?

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