End the 32Bit/64Bit Confusion with Startup Mode Selector

The whole 64 Bit Snow Leopard hoopla got a little murky when it was discovered that Snow Leopard’s kernal is really booting into 32 Bit on some systems.

Is your Snow Leopard booting in 32 Bit or 64 Bit? Should you even care? If your Mac could, would you want it to? How do you load the 64Bit Kernal? Fortunately, all those questions are easily answered.

Prevent the iPhone Jailbreak virus and Protect your iPhone

The first iPhone / iPod Touch virus was cute, it rick-rolled unsuspecting victims. Now, that silly virus has been re-engineered into something sinister. The same trick that rick-rolled unsuspecting jailbreakers is being used to silently steal email messages, SMS messages, calendar data, contacts, music, photos, video and iPhone App data.

So, what can you do to avoid this and any other jailbreak virus?

Keep up with Upgrades with a New Computer Fund

Computers don’t last forever technologically. When was the last time you fired up your Apple IIe to do anything relevant? Nostalgia aside, technology constantly moves forward and sometimes its difficult financially to keep up.

While computers today are much less expensive than ever before, $1500 or so for a new one is still a lot of money. However, there is a way to prepare for your impending upgrade so that you always stay on top of the latest technology without it causing a financial headache.

Essential System Recovery Items and Why You Need Them

Macs are like all other systems, OS X and your data can succumb to a corrupt hard drive. When this happens, your data is at risk. Apple Repair will only replace the drive, and won’t give you the faulty one with your files on it.

If you want a third party data recovery company to get back your pictures, movies, music, and documents, it’s extremely expensive. So, how do you get your system back?

With the following three items, you’ll have a good chance at self recovery.

Backup and Sync Personal Data with Dropbox and Truecrypt

Dropbox is an easy and useful way to sync files across multiple computers. You can even share folders (and photos) with friends, family and co-workers. It’s also great as a simple backup solution for small documents.

As a backup solution, it brings me to ask the question.. What do you do if those documents are sensitive, such as financial records, bank statements, or scans of your passport?

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