How to Quickly Identify Your MacBook’s Model (And Other Information)

When planning an upgrade, troubleshooting a problem, or figuring out what hardware your MacBook has, it’s important to know what model MacBook you own.

But what if you didn’t save the box it came in? What if you don’t remember anything about buying it? What if someone else bought it for you? What if Apple didn’t change the design over the past few years, and they all look alike? How do you figure out what your model number is?

Actually, it’s very easy to do.

Eliminate Your Unreliable Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive

Ever lose your data due to a bad Hard Drive? Or were you lucky and just had a drive go bad?

Traditional Hard Drive technology is roughly 40 years old. It’s mechanical and was designed for stationary use. Hard Drives weren’t created for mobile use in laptops, phones or iPods. By nature of their design, they aren’t meant to be hauled around when powered up. Data is corrupted and destroyed due to vibration and shock. Their mechanical spinning platters also use precious battery life, generate heat and create noise.

Why bother with upgrading to a Solid State Drive? They’re expensive compared to traditional Hard Drives and their sizes are smaller – much smaller. So what’s so great about them?


Replacing an External Drive

One fact that many consumers aren’t aware of is that external drives can easily be replaced or upgraded. All it takes is a little know-how, total lack of respect for possible warranties and a small eyeglass / electronics screwdriver.

Armed with the following knowledge, you’ll be able to replace or upgrade your drive and use it as an enclosure for other drives.

10 Ways To Keep Yourself, and Your Mac Secure

OS X running Safari was hacked again at Pwn2own by Charlie Miller for the third year in a row. Tired of Apple’s (and other software companies) lackluster approach to securing their product, he announced he will not be disclosing vulnerabilities to them anymore. He’ll gladly show Apple how he finds them, hoping they will begin scanning and patching OS X.

While this doesn’t translate into a tsunami of OS X malware, nor is it a threat of impending doom, it reminds us that OS X is not the invulnerable OS you may think it is.

Since turning off the computer and hiding under a rock isn’t an option, follow these 10 tips to keep yourself secure.

What To Look For In An External Hard Drive

Out of all the accessories for a computer, one of the most useful is an external hard drive. With more and more of your life on your computer’s hard drive, the more files you’ll accumulate. Whether you want extra storage space, an easy way to work with large files on multiple computers, a backup solution, or just a place to keep your data, an external hard drive is a must have.

Shopping for one can be a bit tricky. There’s many brands, sizes, interfaces and price points. Here’s what to look for to determine what you need and what to shop for:

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