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Data Recovery – The Easy, Hard and Send It Away Way

When your hard drive fails or your laptop breaks, how do you recover lost data? Sure, having a backup is great.. But what if you don’t? Or what if your backup isn’t so recent?

Just because a hard drive fails or your dropped laptop breaks, doesn’t mean your data is totally gone. In most cases it can be retrieved depending on the damage.

You’re going to have to do a process called Data Recovery. And there’s three different ways, each increasing in cost and difficulty.
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Don’t Let Winter Ruin Your Laptop

 As the weather turns cold, the days grow short, and white flakes fall from the sky, we know winter is upon us. You know about winterizing your car, insulating your home, preparing your yard, keeping the pets inside and bundling yourself up. Did you think of your Mac? Surprisingly enough, there’s a few things about […] Continue reading →