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Keep your Privacy by Stopping Flash Cookies

 There’s a new trend on the internet of using Locally Stored Objects (LSO’s) to track and monitor internet usage. A better known term is “Flash Cookies”. Think of them like regular internet cookies, except they are for Adobe’s Flash Player. Flash Cookies are scary because they are persistent, work across multiple websites, can re-spawn cookies […] Continue reading →

OS X Friendly Alternatives to Skype

 Skype has revolutionized international and long distance communication. By using Skype between two computers, you can skirt long distance charges. Using Skype with landlines and cell phones results in a reasonable charge. Skype has been in the news lately and it looks like their relationship with parent company eBay isn’t going so well. While I […] Continue reading →

Update – Syncing iCal, Thunderbird and iPhones with Google Calendar

 A while back, I wrote an article on how to sync Google Calendar with Thunderbird. Since that article was written, Google has drastically improved it’s syncing ability making things extremely easy. You can now sync Google Calendar with Thunderbird/Lightning, Sunbird, iCal, iPhone/iPod Touch Calendar, and anything else that supports the CalDAV standard. Here’s how you […] Continue reading →