Moving your iTunes Library from an Old iPod to a New One

With the holidays approaching, chances are some of you may be getting new iPods, iPhones or iPod Touches. Or perhaps, you may get a new Mac and want to transfer your iTunes Library onto it. Although they make a great gift, some will struggle with getting everything off their old device and onto the new one.

A lot depends on the situation, but for the technically challenged, we’ll look at how to get your music and anything else off your old iPod (or other device) onto the new one.

The Cheap and Simple Fix for Your Older Mac’s Broken Wireless

What happens when your MacBook Pro’s wireless card breaks or the antennae starts giving you horrible reception? Well normally, if your Mac was less that a year old, it would be covered under warranty. If you bought AppleCare, you’re covered if your MacBook is up to three years old.

But, what happens if it’s after the third year and you weren’t planning on a new Mac for another year or so? Does it make sense to replace a faulty wireless antennae on a four year old laptop? What do you do when your MacBook’s wireless stops working, or doesn’t work well, and it’s too old to be worth fixing?

Looking to the Future: What’s next for Apple and OS X

Technology is all about the next step. Improving your existing technologies, creating new ones to solve problems, or coming up with new ways to do things. Apple and OS X are no exception. As you read this, teams of engineers from many different companies are hard at work inventing and working on new and innovative technologies that will show up in Apple hardware, iPhones and future versions of OS X.

Some of the future technologies that are likely to be a part of the next version of OS X and possibly your next Mac are:

7 Reasons Your Wireless Sucks, and What You Should Do

The faster things become, the quicker we are used to them. Just 10 years ago, we were all using 56k modems. Now with Fios and Cable modems pushing 10mb and higher connections, we’re grown accustomed to our internet being super fast. Although sometimes, its not. Many times a slow connection has nothing to do with Verizon, Cablevision, Comcast or AT&T. Sometimes it’s your wireless router that’s slowing everyone down.

Is it misconfigured? Is it inside a metal vault? Is it nearing the end of it’s lifespan? Or, is it just too far away? Here are 7 reasons why your wireless sucks and what you can do about it.

5 Reasons Why Partitioning a Drive is Old Advice

Partitioning is a way of splitting one physical hard drive into many other hard drives that used to be done for performance and multiple OS booting. Like repairing permissions, zapping the PRAM, running a “defragger”, using screensavers, and sleeping your computer instead of shutting it down – partitioning a drive into a myriad of containers is just not necessary anymore. And with external hard drives at decent prices, there’s no reason for it.

Other than creating one hell of a complicated setup, with the exception of Boot Camp, what purpose did splitting your hard drive serve and what should you do instead?

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