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Recycling your old Mac and other E-Waste

Once your computer gets old and its upgrade time, what do you do with your old machine? You definitely don’t want it sitting in your basement for the next 30 years. Tossing it in a dumpster is out, its an environmental hazard and illegal in many states. You need to get rid of it, but how?

What do you do with your old e-junk that you can’t throw away?
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Don’t Let Winter Ruin Your Laptop

 As the weather turns cold, the days grow short, and white flakes fall from the sky, we know winter is upon us. You know about winterizing your car, insulating your home, preparing your yard, keeping the pets inside and bundling yourself up. Did you think of your Mac? Surprisingly enough, there’s a few things about […] Continue reading →

Why You Should Get Rid of Your Screen Saver

 The once mighty Screen Saver. Every now and then there’s always some computer related technology that refuses to go away, no matter how obsolete and unnecessary it’s become. Like using Windex on your display, running defragging and optimization tools, and calibrating your battery, the Screen Saver is just one of those things that should never […] Continue reading →