How to Transfer Files To/From your Mobile Phone with Bluetooth

Bluetooth isn’t just for headsets, wireless keyboards and mice. You can transfer data over Bluetooth as well. It’s a little slow but it’s an easy way to put your own custom ringtones, wallpapers and other files onto your phone.

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through pairing your device, navigating the directories and transferring files to (and from) your phone.

Save Money and be Cool with Custom Ringtones and OS X

Are you into downloading ringtones and hearing your newest favorite song whenever someone calls you? It can get pretty expensive if you download a bunch of them. Your cell company loves this because its extra money for them..

Did you know that instead of paying for ringtones, you can customize your own and send them to your phone for free? With the magic of Bluetooth and OS X, you can put just about any song or sound you want onto your phone.