Keep your Mac safe from Clickjacking

Clickjacking is the latest internet security exploit. It takes control of your iSight and internal microphone through a flaw in Adobe’s Flash Player. Unfortunately, Clickjacking affects both Macs and PCs. With the built-in iSight, Macs are especially at risk. While a patch to fix this is in the works, in the meantime I will show you how to keep your Mac safe.

Get Around That Pesky DVD Region Code Nonsense

If you’ve ever bought a DVD in another country or brought your laptop overseas and tried to watch a movie, you know the pain of the DVD Region Code. Sure you can change your player’s code to that country, but after five changes it becomes permanent. So, how do you get around this to watch your legally purchased DVD? Let’s explore the ways:

How to Read E-Books in OS X. (.CHM, .PDF, .DJVU, .LIT, .PDB and .MOBI files)

Imagine carrying around a gigantic library on your hard drive. In this library, no paper was wasted on the production and distribution of any books. Sound like something magical and imaginary? It’s not. It’s the future of books – the E-Book.

While reading one on a monitor can be awkward, E-Books on a MacBook or iPhone/iPod Touch are gaining in popularity. Let’s look at the common E-Book formats you will come across and how to use them in OS X.

My Hard Drive Crashed. I Lost All My Data! What Do I Do?

When your hard drive crashes, its pretty scary. Whether its the spinning beach ball followed by “The file could not be read or written”, the silent blue screen on startup or my favorite: the flashing folder with the question mark, its all the same cause – hard drive issues. You do have a backup, right?

Here’s what you can do to try recovering your data from a bad hard drive.

The Open Source World’s Answer to Photoshop – The Simplest way to Install the GIMP on OS X

Doctoring, editing, and manipulating photographs and images can all be done for free without using an Adobe product. All it takes is the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) – the open source world’s answer to Photoshop. As great as GIMP is, installing it can be tricky if you’re new to the world of open source software packages. Forget compiling it from source, here’s the simplest way to install and run GIMP.

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