Speed up and Secure the Web by Blocking Flash

Adobe’s Flash is everywhere on the internet. Its great, allowing sites to display video content, games, animation, and interactive media. Its also a resource hog, slows down your page loading time, a security risk and can be annoying when you don’t want it. How do you have Flash when you want it, not when you don’t, without having to uninstall it?

Run a Home OS X Server with Dynamic DNS

Ever thought about starting up your own website? Need to access your home computers from the outside world? Set up a security camera system and want to view it remotely? Since most internet service plans have a dynamic or changing IP address, any reason you can think of to contact your home network has to work with an IP address that could change at any moment.

You can solve this problem with Dynamic DNS. Here’s how it works:

Check up on your Internet Service Provider

In the days where unlimited access doesn’t really mean you can download “all you can eat”, and Verizon and AT&T are at each other’s throats about 3G coverage, it pays to check up on your ISP to see if you really are getting what you’re paying for.

There’s a few ways you can check on your ISP. Speed tests, Ping tests, DNS tests, Shaping / Throttling tests to see if certain protocols (P2P, Voip, Skype, Torrents) are traffic shaped.

What about if you have a bandwidth cap? How can you meter your bandwidth to see if you’re approaching it? Its not just for DSL and Cable – 3G and other mobile data plans are usually capped with heavy overage charges.

Here’s what you can do to give your internet provider a checkup:

Dealing With 10 Common MacBook/Pro Problems

Everyone’s heard the rumor that Mac’s are perfect, never have problems and life is so much easier with OS X. Nobody’s perfect and neither is OS X, Mac hardware or Apple. In fact, there’s a few common ailments specific to MacBooks and MacBookPros.

Below are some of the most common problem’s I’ve come across with Apple laptops, how to identify them, what to do about them and fixing them.

Six Ways To Improve the iPad

There’s a little bit of disappointment in Apple’s iPad announcement. Many were expecting an earth-shattering new device and all they got was an oversized 3G iPod Touch. As a follow-up to my recent article, Why you should relax about the new Apple Tablet, I’m going to explore why I’m not sure about the new iPad. There’s a great deal of potential in it, yet the first generation isn’t quite there yet.

Here’s six things the Second Generation iPad could use, and the likelihood we’ll see it:

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