How to Deal with Zip, RAR, 7Zip, GZip and WinAce in OS X

Take something big and stuff it into a small space. That’s the essence of file compression. In the Windows world, it is common to use .Zip, .Rar, .Ace and now .7z file formats. The world is predominantly Windows based, and you might come across these filetypes often. If you are making the Windows to OS X switch or otherwise new to OS X, this article will show you how to handle these filetypes within Mac OS X. (more…)

Go Back in Time – Gaming from Yesterday with Mac Emulators

The good ol’ days of Atari, NES, SuperNintendo, and Genesis.. Ever want to go back in time and play videogames from your past? Perhaps there was that one game you couldn’t beat when you were younger. Or another that you couldn’t finish… Maybe its nostalgia for days gone by. Now, thanks to the magic of emulators and rom-images, you can re-live those days again! (more…)

Four Quick and Painless Techniques That Will Clean Your Messy Desktop

Lives can be full of clutter. One form of digital clutter is the messy desktop. Its so easy to create yet such a pain to deal with. I’ll look at my own desktop some days and always think “oh, I’ll deal with it later..” only later never comes. Then the mess grows and grows.

If you’re also looking at a desktop full of files, folders, downloads, pictures and half written ideas then I’ve got four simple methods for you that work. (more…)

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