How to Print with an iPad

One of the iPad’s mysteries is printing. There’s no USB cable to attach to a printer. No built-in way to transfer stuff to a printer via WiFi. Not even in the iPad’s iWork suite is there a “Print” function.

If you were to use an iPad for any sort of business or educational purpose, what are you supposed to do?

Here are your iPad printing options:

Managing your Blackberry on OS X

Before the iPhone, the smartphone of choice was a Blackberry. Even now Research in Motion’s offerings are a great competitor. Yes, the iPhone has the interface, touch surface and the app store that RIM envies but the Blackberry is still standard issue in the enterprise world. Many of you who have a work cell phone most likely have a Blackberry.

What if you have a Blackberry and a Mac? Not a problem. Here’s a simple way to sync your Blackberry’s contacts, music, photos and email with OS X.

Time to Replace your Earbuds?

Apple’s earbuds are decent headphones but they don’t last forever. For example, after a few months of exercising with them, I’ve noticed mine showing wear and tear. That’s not the only reason you may want something else.

Perhaps you find the earbud design either uncomfortable, lacking in sound quality or just want something different.

Since you can plug anything with an 1/8″ jack into your iPod / iPhone, let’s look at what else is out there.

How to Troubleshoot a Power Issue

Power issues are annoying. Either your laptop shuts off suddenly because the power cord unplugged, the battery craps out after 20 minutes, or it just doesn’t turn on at all..

Like all laptop manufacturers, Apple sometimes has battery issues. Or power adapter issues or power related logic board issues. How can you tell what exactly is wrong with your laptop that either won’t run or has a chronic dead battery?

Here’s how you can troubleshoot a bad battery, bad power adapter or bad logic board and is it covered under warranty / AppleCare.

Quick Ways to Tag Audio Files for your MP3 Player

How does your MP3 player, iTunes and iPod know what song it’s playing, who wrote it and where did that tiny picture of the album cover come from?

Audio files like MP3s and AACs carry all sorts of meta data inside them, called tags. Common tags are the song’s name, artist, album title, year, track number and genre. Another common tag is an embedded picture, usually the album cover. iTunes and other MP3 players read these tags to organize their music libraries in an understandable way.

If you’ve ever had to manually tag audio files, you know how much of a pain it can be. Here are three quick and easy ways to easily tag your audio files for your iPod or whatever MP3 player you own.

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