Android? iOS? Which one to choose?

First there was the Palm Treo. Then the Blackberry. Then came Windows Mobile, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. Palm’s gone and RIM is falling apart. Windows Mobile never really took off. That leaves the two major smartphone platforms – iOS and Android. For a few years, with AT&T’s lock on the iPhone, it was either AT&T or Android. But Android didn’t have the Apps that iOS did.

Now that the iPhone is available on all the major US carriers, and Android’s gaining in popularity – Which one should you choose?

Five Simple Steps to Password Security

In the recent Yahoo! security breach, 400,000 passwords were compromised. The most shocking part about it is the passwords were stored unencrypted. Thats right.. clear text unencrypted.

Between this most recent breach, LinkedIn, and countless others, other than quitting the internet – what can you do about it to protect yourself?

The following are five simple steps you can take right now to protect yourself and your online accounts:

How to Print with an iPad

One of the iPad’s mysteries is printing. There’s no USB cable to attach to a printer. No built-in way to transfer stuff to a printer via WiFi. Not even in the iPad’s iWork suite is there a “Print” function.

If you were to use an iPad for any sort of business or educational purpose, what are you supposed to do?

Here are your iPad printing options:

Managing your Blackberry on OS X

Before the iPhone, the smartphone of choice was a Blackberry. Even now Research in Motion’s offerings are a great competitor. Yes, the iPhone has the interface, touch surface and the app store that RIM envies but the Blackberry is still standard issue in the enterprise world. Many of you who have a work cell phone most likely have a Blackberry.

What if you have a Blackberry and a Mac? Not a problem. Here’s a simple way to sync your Blackberry’s contacts, music, photos and email with OS X.

Impressions after playing with an iPad:

iPad, iPad, iPad. That’s the big focus in the news, on the internet and in all the Apple websites. Now, don’t get me wrong – I think its a pretty sweet device and I’ve spent some time playing with one. However, to call the iPad “Revolutionary” is a bit of a stretch – for now.

The following is a list of 10 observations I noticed about the iPad after playing with one for a little bit. Hopefully they will help you in deciding if one is for you or not.

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