Time to Replace your Earbuds?

Apple’s earbuds are decent headphones but they don’t last forever. For example, after a few months of exercising with them, I’ve noticed mine showing wear and tear. That’s not the only reason you may want something else.

Perhaps you find the earbud design either uncomfortable, lacking in sound quality or just want something different.

Since you can plug anything with an 1/8″ jack into your iPod / iPhone, let’s look at what else is out there.

Quick Ways to Tag Audio Files for your MP3 Player

How does your MP3 player, iTunes and iPod know what song it’s playing, who wrote it and where did that tiny picture of the album cover come from?

Audio files like MP3s and AACs carry all sorts of meta data inside them, called tags. Common tags are the song’s name, artist, album title, year, track number and genre. Another common tag is an embedded picture, usually the album cover. iTunes and other MP3 players read these tags to organize their music libraries in an understandable way.

If you’ve ever had to manually tag audio files, you know how much of a pain it can be. Here are three quick and easy ways to easily tag your audio files for your iPod or whatever MP3 player you own.

Your iPhone – A Portable, Professional Music Making Device

About a decade ago, making music with computers became affordable for those without a ton of money. A decade before that, major label albums were done on very expensive, yet hardly sophisticated systems. Now, your iPhone actually rivals those systems in terms of computer specs (processor, memory, etc).

All you need now to produce professional quality music, other than the expertise, is the right software. With the iPhone, you can work on the go, use it as a musical scratchpad, field recorder, or even an instrument. Here is some of the iPhone’s best:

Convert your FLAC, Ogg and Shorten files for iPod Use

In your digital media journey you’ve probably encountered music files called FLAC, Ogg Vorbis or Shorten. Getting them to play on your Mac is pretty easy but playing them on an iPod or other MP3 player isn’t an easy task for the average person.

Instead of doing things the hard way – messing around with unsupported and warranty breaking alternate firmware, go the easy way and convert your FLACs, Oggs, and Shortens to MP3 and get on with your life.

Getting the best pictures from your iPhone’s Camera

Despite being inside a phone, the iPhone’s camera is surprisingly decent and can produce some interesting photos. That said, there’s probably a large portion of iPhone owners taking under/over exposed, flash-bleached, visually boring shots of their relatives and landmarks.

Don’t let that iPhone camera go to waste! In order to get the best pictures from your iPhone’s camera, read the following tips:

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