Data Recovery – The Easy, Hard and Send It Away Way

When your hard drive fails or your laptop breaks, how do you recover lost data? Sure, having a backup is great.. But what if you don’t? Or what if your backup isn’t so recent?

Just because a hard drive fails or your dropped laptop breaks, doesn’t mean your data is totally gone. In most cases it can be retrieved depending on the damage.

You’re going to have to do a process called Data Recovery. And there’s three different ways, each increasing in cost and difficulty.

Eliminate Your Unreliable Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive

Ever lose your data due to a bad Hard Drive? Or were you lucky and just had a drive go bad?

Traditional Hard Drive technology is roughly 40 years old. It’s mechanical and was designed for stationary use. Hard Drives weren’t created for mobile use in laptops, phones or iPods. By nature of their design, they aren’t meant to be hauled around when powered up. Data is corrupted and destroyed due to vibration and shock. Their mechanical spinning platters also use precious battery life, generate heat and create noise.

Why bother with upgrading to a Solid State Drive? They’re expensive compared to traditional Hard Drives and their sizes are smaller – much smaller. So what’s so great about them?


How to Troubleshoot a Power Issue

Power issues are annoying. Either your laptop shuts off suddenly because the power cord unplugged, the battery craps out after 20 minutes, or it just doesn’t turn on at all..

Like all laptop manufacturers, Apple sometimes has battery issues. Or power adapter issues or power related logic board issues. How can you tell what exactly is wrong with your laptop that either won’t run or has a chronic dead battery?

Here’s how you can troubleshoot a bad battery, bad power adapter or bad logic board and is it covered under warranty / AppleCare.

Replacing an External Drive

One fact that many consumers aren’t aware of is that external drives can easily be replaced or upgraded. All it takes is a little know-how, total lack of respect for possible warranties and a small eyeglass / electronics screwdriver.

Armed with the following knowledge, you’ll be able to replace or upgrade your drive and use it as an enclosure for other drives.

Recover Lost Data from Memory Cards and USB Drives

Memory cards, USB Drives and even SSDs are small, hold a good amount of data and don’t have all those pesky data corruption issues that traditional hard drives have… Or do they?

Yes, even data on a flash media can get corrupted or at the very least, accidentally erased. If this has happened to you, I’ll show you what you can do – assuming the media itself isn’t damaged, crushed, or physically destroyed in any way.

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