Ski Challenge 2010 – Does In-Game Advertising Work?

Gaming is expensive. New console games for Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 are usually priced over $50 each. Online multiplayer service costs can also add up to hundreds yearly. On the Mac / PC side, its not much cheaper. Game costs, hardware costs and online service costs are similar. Piracy is rampant, ever invasive protection schemes are defeated within weeks, stopping only the paying customers.

An interesting way to take some of the cost away from gaming, and the piracy element without ruining the developer’s bottom line is to use an ad-supported model, like radio and television. But does it work?

Connect your Mac to an HDMI or DVI HDTV

So much of our media is related to the computer. Between iTunes downloads, Hulu, YouTube, DVR recordings, and Netflix Streaming, the days of the disc are ending. Sure, Blu-ray will keep them alive for a little while longer but I wouldn’t call them mainstream yet and HD Movies are available digitally through iTunes.

The Home Theatre PC is all about containing this entertainment / media in one place, digitally and on-demand; storing videos, pictures, music, playing DVDs, games and streaming content. Now that large flat-screen TVs are becoming reasonably priced, what’s better than having a gigantic 1080p LCD TV? Getting your Mac to display video on it!

Trick out your Gaming Mouse with USB Overdrive

Gaming and gamers bring the average (and professional) user all sorts of innovations. A serious gamer is like a hot-rod racer when it comes to tweaking a computer for performance. Even a regular mouse won’t do, gamers use special gaming mice.

There’s a little secret about gaming mice – they don’t have to be used for just gaming…

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Download Online Video

Ever watch a video on YouTube and want to keep it, for whatever reason? Ever wonder how to do this?

There are applications you can download and websites you can visit that will download online videos from YouTube, Google Video, and other places, but I find the websites are slow and the applications don’t always work.

I’ve stumbled across a way to do this and it’s so simple its surprising. Here’s what you do:

Ditch your Cable and Fill The Void with The Internet

Whether it’s personal politics about Comcast, Time Warner and the rest of them, the economy and saving money, no time to spare, or you just can’t stand commercials, Ditching your cable TV subscription is a great way to save, sleep easier at night and can be done easily using the Internet with OS X.

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