How to Quickly Identify Your MacBook’s Model (And Other Information)

When planning an upgrade, troubleshooting a problem, or figuring out what hardware your MacBook has, it’s important to know what model MacBook you own.

But what if you didn’t save the box it came in? What if you don’t remember anything about buying it? What if someone else bought it for you? What if Apple didn’t change the design over the past few years, and they all look alike? How do you figure out what your model number is?

Actually, it’s very easy to do.

What is a Femtocell?

Femtocells are in the news lately, especially with AT&T’s announcement of an upcoming nationwide rollout, beginning in April. However, they aren’t the only ones in the Femtocell game. Sprint and Verizon are running trials in select US cities and T-Mobile is testing them in Europe.

Let’s explore what exactly is a Femtocell, what does it do, and should you consider one.

What To Look For In An External Hard Drive

Out of all the accessories for a computer, one of the most useful is an external hard drive. With more and more of your life on your computer’s hard drive, the more files you’ll accumulate. Whether you want extra storage space, an easy way to work with large files on multiple computers, a backup solution, or just a place to keep your data, an external hard drive is a must have.

Shopping for one can be a bit tricky. There’s many brands, sizes, interfaces and price points. Here’s what to look for to determine what you need and what to shop for:

Securing Your Mobile Device at a Wireless Hotspot

Wireless hotspots are convenient, and with mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, iPod Touch, Android phones, the iPad and other wireless gadgets, its not just laptops connecting anymore.

With a free and unencrypted connection in a public space, its just as easy and convienient for someone else to monitor your internet traffic.

Here’s what you can do to secure yourself and your mobile device in a free public wireless hotspot.

What to Look for in a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Current Hard Drives are using the same basic technology that drives used beck in the 1950s. Sure, size, speeds and interfaces have changed but its still a platter spinning with a read/write head hovering over it like a needle on a record.

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the next wave in Hard Drive technology. With no mechanical parts, no noise, less power requirements and less susceptibility to damage, its a no brainer that they’re better. However, SSD technology is still very much on the cutting edge and not all perform equally well.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about SSDs in order to purchase one that works well for you.

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