Forget Photoshop – How to Quickly Edit and Resize Images for Free with Preview

Adjusting Color:

We don’t always take perfect pictures. Preview now allows you to adjust the color of your photographs (and pictures) for any effect you wish to have. You can enhance the color or distort it. Here’s how:

Step 1. Open an image in Preview.

Step 2. Select Tools and Adjust Color.

Adjusting Color with Preview

Step 3. The following screen will pop up:

Some basic explanations of the controls are:

Exposure will adjust the amount of light in the photograph.

Brightness and Contrast give you a finer control of the lightness / darkness of a picture.

Saturation will adjust how strong or weak the color is in your image.

Temperature will adjust the warm (red) to cool (blue) color of your image.

Tint works like the TV control, adjusting the color balance.

Sepia will gradually turn your image to a sepia-toned image

Black Level and White Level adjust the amount of black and white in your image histogram.

Sharpness will either sharpen or blur your image.

Step 4. When you are happy with the results, Click OK to make them permanent.

Note: Another feature of Preview is to match the color of your image to a Profile. You can change your image from RGB to CMYK for printing and adjust the image to match your monitor. Select Tools and Match Profile or Assign Profile for this feature.

Prior to the latest release of Preview, these last two higher level image editing features were only available in another program. There are shareware solutions for those of you still running Tiger but for me, the integration of Preview with the OS makes it so much easier to use. If you want something more advanced, I’d recommend Photoshop but for basic small tasks, the benefits of Preview outweigh the price and difficulty of an application like Photoshop.

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