Telecommuting with OS X Part III – Online Tools

Various third party commercial solutions:
If you have a PC at work and Mac at home and would like to remotely access the PC, other than the Windows Remote Desktop there are commercial solutions. Most of these solutions are for PC to PC connections but the following will allow a Mac to PC connection.

GoToMyPC (Over web browser/java connection)
Log Me In – (pro version enables nice features)
Symantec PCAnywhere

As far as I know, GoToMyPC is highly recommended all over the web. That said, I was intrigued by LogMeIn’s pro features. Some of which include:

– Remote Sound: The ability to hear sound transmitted from the remote (host) computer.
– Remote Printing: Being able to print to printers installed on the remote computer. (Local and/or network).
– File Sync: Synchronizing files between your computer and the remote computer.

With LogMeIn set up on your work machine (IT department willing..), you can just remote in from home and work on it just as you would from sitting at your desk. If you are interested, you can download the 30 day trial here. (Registration required)

Citrix Thin Client:
Another way to deal with a proprietary application is to virtualize it. What Citrix does is host the application on a server and you run the program through a thin client. Its sort of like remote access except its only the user interface for the application, not the server’s desktop. Many organizations are already running this and if yours is one of them, you can also access this from home with the Citrix OS X Thin Client.

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