The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Convert Your Records, Tapes, 8-Tracks and More into CDs or .MP3s – Part II – Advanced Techniques

Situation 3: Multiple songs in one large file.

When recording into the computer the analog way, it can be time consuming. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is by batching together the job. This means recording in the entire side of a record or cassette into one large continuous file. After recording, you would then extract the songs out and save them individually.

– Record the entire length of a record / cassette.
Note: This will produce a large audio file (Over 300mb for a 30 minute recording). Make sure you have enough disk space.
– Load the file into Audacity.

Also Note: Until you get confident with doing this, I wholly recommend that you immediately save the file as a copy. This way if anything goes wrong, you have a backup to work with.

Audacity Tutorial - Situation Three

– Find the start point of the first song. (Situation one)
– Select everything before that and delete.
– Find the end point of the first song. (Situation two)
– Select everything after that song (All of it..).
Audacity Tutorial - Situation Three

Note: This is why the backup is necessary. 🙂

– Delete everything after the first song’s end point.
– Save the file as a new file.
– Name this file something like: “Track 01 – ‘Song Title'”.

Audacity Tutorial - Situation Three

– Select Edit from the menu bar and choose Undo.
Audacity Tutorial - Situation Three

– The rest of the recording that you deleted will re-appear.
– Find the start point of the second song. (Situation one)
– Repeat this process until all of the songs have been saved individually.

With practice, you will become quick and agile with doing this. You will then be ready for the next situation: Page 4

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