The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Convert Your Records, Tapes, 8-Tracks and More into CDs or .MP3s – Part II – Advanced Techniques

Situation 2: Silence or unwanted sound after the song ends.

– This works along the same lines as situation one, except we deal with the end of the song.
– Load up your song if you haven’t already (Or continue with the song from situation one)
– Click near the end of the song and listen.

Audacity Tutorial - Situation Two

– Take note of where the cursor is at the exact point the music ends.
– Press Stop and begin zooming in.
Audacity Tutorial - Situation Two

– Repeat listening and zooming until you’ve found the appropriate end point.
– Click on that point to position the cursor.
Audacity Tutorial - Situation Two

Note: This may be more difficult than the beginning of the song if the ending is a gradual fade. In this case, its better to include some extra silence after it to make it sound more natural.

– Hold down Shift and select some of the area to the right of the end point.

Audacity Tutorial - Situation Two

– Zoom out
– Hold down shift and select more of the area to the right.
– Continue this process until you’ve reached the end of the file.
Audacity Tutorial - Situation Two

– Press delete
– Save your song
Audacity Tutorial - Situation Two

Now you have a nicely edited track. Continue this for the rest of the songs you recorded into the computer. When you are finished, you can then burn these recordings onto a CD.

Let’s take both of these techniques a step further with the next situation: Page 3

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